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We are Julia and Cory and we both fell in love with darts the summer of 2020. Our passion for the sport took us from hobby, to local tournaments, to conventions, and now our business. What started as pop-up shops at our local darts hang-outs has now grown into a full-flight business. If you ever see us at a tournament or convention, be sure to come up and say ‘hi’. We’d love to meet you!

Cory’S Picks

What I look for in my darts is the highest quality for the best value. My current favorites are the Mission Archons, but I’ve thrown a lot of Target and Red Dragon in my days.

I’ve always been a soft-tip guy when it comes to competitive play, but would love to get into steel tip competitions in the future.

Mission Archon Darts

Condor Axe Flight System

Granboard 3s

Target RVB 95 Gen 1

Winmau Simon Whitlock Prism

90% Tungsten Great weight distribution with a scallop right where I hold the darts. I love the Prism look to the barrel.

Fit Point Plus Tips

They don’t come unscrewed, tighten them down and you don’t have to worry about them again until you need to change them.

Julia’S Picks

We Carry your favorite brands
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